Virus Outbreak Halts Shipbuilding at Norwegian Yard

Officials have extended the temporary closure of the Havyard shipyard in Leirvik, Norway until at least October 19 after more workers tested positive for COVID-19.

All shipyard activities were originally closed on September 30 after four people tested positive for the virus. On October 2, Havyard said 17 people had been diagnosed with the virus out of 200 tested.

As of today, the number of cases has now jumped to 75 with 495 tested, according to Havyard.

“In order to prevent further spreading of the virus and to gain control of the situation, Hyllestad municipality has today, pursuant to the Infection Control Act, decided to keep the yard business further closed until 19 October 2020. Such a decision may be extended until it is deemed safe to reopen the production,” Havyard said in a statement.

The shipyard in Leirvik , Norway belongs to New Havyard Ship Technology AS, a subsidiary of Havyard Group ASA. According to the company’s website, the shipyard completes around four to six new builds per year and employs 400 to 500 employees and subcontractors.

Havyard’s current backlog stands at six vessels, including three live fish carriers and three wind farm service operations vessels (SOVs), according to its website.

Today’s update said it is “foreseeable” that the extended shutdown will now likely lead to delayed deliveries, and any delay will depend on the extent of the shutdown and what measures that can be implemented to make up for the lost production time.

Source: GCaptain