The Turkish State Meteorological Service, TSMS, was founded in 1937. It is the only legal organization which provides all meteorological information in Turkey.

The main objectives of the TSMS are:

  • To make observations,

  • To provide forecasts,

  • To provide climatological data, archive data, and other information,

  • To communicate these to the public,

  • To provide meteorological needs of army and civil avition.

The TSMS has the membership of the following international organizations:

  • WMO (the World Meteorological Organization), a specialised agency of the United Nations which organises the work and collaboration of all the national meteorological services

  • ECMWF, a European intergovernmental organisation providing global meteorological and oceanographic forecasts

  • EUMETSAT, the European meteorological satellite organisation for the establishment, maintenance and exploitation of operational meteorological satellite systems

  • ECOMET, a European organisation dealing with commercial activities within the meteorological community.

  • ICAO, a UN specialised agency which provides Standards and Recommended Practices (SARP) for the safe, regular and economic performance of international civil aviation.

Turkish State Meteorological Service

Address : Kütükçü Alibey Caddesi No: 4 06120 Kalaba, Keçiören / ANKARA

Phone: +90 312 359 75 45

Fax : +90 312 360 25 51


Source : Turkish State Meteorological Service